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  1. Finally, I spent another $1000 to buy a PDB from a Russian, and now I use my own AOP
  2. The key is to say well when buying the end, remit money in the past, and then know that they bought a fake,
  3. he can only cheat people once. Who will buy it next time ,Everyone knows PrinceRay a liar,This $1000 is not a loss
  4. PDB, I didn't, just these files, I'd like to share them
  5. If someone buy PrinceRay rf4.15 server, be careful, spend a lot of money, but buy a junk thing,If you don't believe it, go down and see how much rubbish there is
  6. Garbage rf4.15 server, afraid of being used by people,I'm afraid that others will crack it. I can't sell it, can I
  7. RF-4.15ServerFiles+RF4.15Client+website I spent $1000 on rf4.15 Buy Prince ray RF4.15 Is there encryption? It must be, but I cracked it. Ha ha Server without any restrictions, direct start-up Why do I want to sell $10, because it's worth $10 The service attitude was not good,All kinds of pits, If you need to crack it yourself, you can do it yourself If you don't want to do it, it's $10 Skype: live:.cid.1b939bae20525a2f Email:[email protected] Three months later, it will be free≠$10 server: clie
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