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  1. [2232] Fix for display hunter point

    So not just any bin will work... This hunting point crap is driving me nuts. Tried to just hex them in and client crashes....
  2. Party Gap

    Ya I just did charm lol thanks
  3. Party Gap

    I know level charms up to 10 levels but is there a way to remove the gap so a 55 could party with a level 1 for example. Doing a starter charm with 55 level gap would be easy but I'd rather do it another way.
  4. About AoE Mau

    Ya unit frame my bad bro lol
  5. About AoE Mau

    Unit Key is HP
  6. About AoE Mau

    You mean the effect of aoe?
  7. About AoE Mau

    This what I got right now!
  8. About AoE Mau

    Ya I changed effect to rocket volley so the 50+ may looked awesome when it fires now.
  9. About AoE Mau

    I found it, it's just server side really lol
  10. Max level 55

    No just put 55 in the max lvl sql it removes quest itself. That's all I did and boom 50 quest gone.
  11. Max level 55

    I set in sql 55 max level it works fine but no 50 quest.
  12. DQS Thread Error?

    I'm having issues with processing ore items but in npc cant remove. Items vanishing on transfer from bank. Finally a random crash I need to find today. Roll back issue is still persistent. Time to buy dev Corp. Seems to me this zone is very unstable.
  13. DQS Thread Error?

    I haven't had a crash in 3 weeks. So not sure bro.
  14. About AoE Mau

    I see there's a Effect group then effect types... Tried them both nothing changed sadly... Still working on it lol I know aoe ammo per guns/bows/launchers are in the effect group 6. Tried that with no luck.
  15. About AoE Mau

    I tried a few codes but nothing is aoe damage yet. Guessing with mau the aoe effect isnt the same as normal ammo.