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  1. Killerwoody

    Hello RF-Dev!!

    Lol good luck. Shoot me a link I don't mind giving it a try when I'm not doing anything. Hope all is well over in Cali have a good one.
  2. Killerwoody

    Hello RF-Dev!!

    Sup bro, long time
  3. Killerwoody

    [FREE] RF Launcher Emulator Host

    Finally got this to work, Thanks to Dues. First download the patch maker by @TriRozhka here Then put the files you want to patch in the !PatchFiles ( make sure the .bin is there too ) then Run the RFPatchMaker.exe, open !download folder you will see everything is .tmp. Zip the files in to a .zip upload it on the site per @DeusEx and use the PatchInfo.z from the patch maker on the same site hit create launcher download it and done!
  4. Killerwoody

    Character back to lvl 1

    Windows 10 and sql 2008 r2
  5. Killerwoody

    Character back to lvl 1

    I just used them and mine works just fine. This is a question for someone with sql knowledge.
  6. Killerwoody

    Character back to lvl 1

    What files are you using and dbs? Also check you odbc make sure all is good there and if all else fails delete it all start over 😉
  7. Killerwoody

    parser guide

    Its easy. Download the parser and the database. Run the ParserGUIQt.exe the rest is self explain with some common knowledge.
  8. Killerwoody

    parser guide

    The easiest would be the new here. You have to pay 20$ after 30 days but 100% worth and very very easy to use.
  9. Killerwoody

    parser guide

    Which one are you using the old or new ? They have different ways to use it .
  10. Killerwoody

    Quest for Spec

    Fixed the quest for specs at start, they never got the lvl 1 quest to kill 5 young flym/10 flym and reach lvl 3. I added the same cpt and money as the other classes. This is something that has bothered me for years. If you see any other quest issues drop me a pm I will fix. Files Picture
  11. Killerwoody

    Character back to lvl 1

    seems to me your databases are not saving correctly.
  12. Killerwoody

    Daily Quest 'quest is not qualified'

    Share the issue just in case other experience same thing. Thanks and glad you got it!
  13. Killerwoody

    Daily Quest 'quest is not qualified'

    No that is fine.
  14. Killerwoody

    Daily Quest 'quest is not qualified'

    Are you using parser? Also are you putting the quest on an npc with quest already or fresh np?
  15. Hands down amazing. Decided to check it out, so much easier than the older parser. @TriRozhkayou have out done yourself my guy. I hope you keep this updated and awesome job! Update : Do you plan on making orecutting in this program ?
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