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  1. If you want all the new up to date stuff that's on you to make happen. Felix even states the date of the files. People fail to read and just assume. Good job @FelixBetaon the release and Odin release.
  2. That's dope as hell man looks sweet! Good job!
  3. I tought the formulas were already there lol guess not Never added things before to animus.
  4. Ok so making new animus levels will not carry over to the client side character.edf ok thanks was just checking.
  5. @TriRozhkaquestion, adding more levels to animus is not carrying the data over to client side too. Is this or bug? I can add new ones via server side but click on the client sheet and nothing changes. Thanks
  6. I ran this on global also had people connect
  7. It's already in the db... Edit : deleted said procedure and redid it. Works fine now thanks!
  8. Seems normal accounts only work under RFTestAccount, I've tried rfaccount and says password it mismatch.
  9. Find the right offset in the .bin file to have multiple clients
  10. Huh? You mean dual log 2 clients?
  11. First off we cannot read any of to know if it says you're a summoner or not. Also could be a client issues with within the Language data table.
  12. If you buy dev Corp or Odin. They have the ability to buy cash shop with all points. Like hunting, processing or pvp whatever.
  13. Just watched the video again, and yes he has gold set to cash shop points.
  14. Do you have gold set to cash points? I know that caused crashes a while back.
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