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  1. Killerwoody

    Link quest to npc

    Make the repeat column 1 then the next colum Time. The calculation is 60x60 = 1 hour. Also the column before that is solo quest or party. 1 is party 0 is solo. So for 24 hours 60x60x24 = 86400 that's 1 day.
  2. Killerwoody

    [Protection] RF Serafim-Guard

    @AlukarD and I got it working on my PC finally. So far it works great. I normally don't give feedback but he was very persistent about getting it working correctly. All the function work as they should, there is way more stuff in this protect that I'm interested in. Only been testing a couple hours but so far so good. I know there was some trash said on here a few weeks back. So far these two guys have been kind and answered all my stupid questions. Thanks.
  3. Killerwoody

    Link quest to npc

    Step 1 : make a new quest in quest.dat and match client to it. Make sure you have the info pointing to quest description or you won't have any text. Step 2: Open QuestNPCEvent add a row for the new NPC, each row has all three races attached so make one new row for each race. Add quest number Example Q004050 to the quest. Look at the other NPC's to see how its setup with level. You can do min max level, quest item, party of 8 etc. Can be found under release for the codes. Step 3: Put the files into server/client. Log in set your level to whatever you need it to be. You should see the yellow radar pop above NPC. If you want to add quest to level do the same thing but in questorder 0 = bell 1= cora 2= acc. Look at client if the Ncount falls on 252 add a new row in quest order. Then open up QuestLvlUpEvent it is set the same as NPC event all 3 races per row. If you want a new level 2 quest copy past the level 2 row to a new row, change the quest info Q004050. I have fixed the level 1 quest for Specs as they do not get a quest, I have added a level 2 quest, level 3 quest, add a 2nd level 2 quest with collect 2000 of a item for a massive reward toward late game. I've added 9 NPC quest, 1 requires an item to activate. The rest are take from 45+. I plan on adding a bunch more but quest are very time consuming. I hope this helps a bit if you need any assistance pm me on discord, Stromzor in RF-Dev server, I'm central time and I'm usually on from 5 pm to 10 pm depending on life.
  4. Killerwoody

    NPC Quest

    I took a break sat down and studied the file. I found the issue and yea I can do all the NPC quest I want. Close thread thanks.
  5. Killerwoody

    NPC Quest

    Going to give a run down so anyone that might know can help. I added quest to 4 different NPC, 1 quest 1 npc. If I take a quest from 1 npc then go to the next it proceeds to tell me You're not qualified to take this quest" I've tried adding in the function of talking to the npc via conversation to quest item to take the quest etc. I see a column about linked quest group ID not sure what it is but I'm going to try messing with that. If I create my new quest take it I can take old quest from NPC with no issues.
  6. Killerwoody

    About Auto Aim monster

    Get the aop client convert to work with 2232 or buy it. This is all I know for now
  7. Killerwoody

    About Auto Aim monster

    That's part of the AoP client.
  8. Killerwoody

    NPC Quest

    Adding NPC quest is a breeze. The only issue I'm finding with it is, 4 quest on 1 npc. Take 1 quest close the window try and come back to take the other 3 quest. It tell you " you're not qualified for this quest" I've tried so many different way to make it work... can't seem to figure it out. Anyone here could help a brother out.
  9. Killerwoody

    NEED HELP WITH accountDB ConfigUserODBC failed!

    Run as admin
  10. Killerwoody

    [Help] Capsules pvp

    So delete my comment to say the same thing essentially?
  11. Killerwoody

    How can I open 2 zone servers on the same machine?

    There is a guide for this on RZ
  12. Killerwoody

    add premium account at creation

    Need to make the account creation script have it included.
  13. Killerwoody

    [HELP] Edit level to get exp from monster

    Monstercharacter.dat server and Character.edf client I think. Find the mobs and level change. If you make it 55 on server and not client you can still get exp but it won't be red unless you do client too.
  14. Killerwoody

    Quest Codes

    Thanks for adding. I hope this helps people want to learn quest.
  15. Killerwoody

    Mau AoE

    Yes sir
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