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  1. Killerwoody

    RF Community - New Project by RF-Dev

    You know I'm always down to help. Just let me know. Hope you all are well.
  2. Killerwoody

    spread items from monsters.

    This is a module addon as far as I know
  3. Killerwoody

    Elan Pit Bosses Crashing the Server

    Loot rate is probably too high which causes a mass DC for anyone around that mob.
  4. Or try to resell for thousands lol
  5. Where is the top bid? Update the bid amount so people can get some cash.
  6. Killerwoody

    how to edit buff time Duration

    Actually you do all 7 or the buff will start blinking early and you cannot rebuff it.
  7. Killerwoody

    Getting Started: Structorian

    Hell of a guide Alyx much props!
  8. Killerwoody

    Parser "Class.xlsx"

    Alot of the xlsx files aren't set correct. I changed a lot of mine but it's pretty simple. Or use the server.dat to txt then copy the txt and paste in the xlsx boom problem solved. See the 2 columns Kor and Eng
  9. Killerwoody

    Unable to buy items (NO stock)

    Yes open the store.dat and scroll all the way to the right of the file. That's where limited time items are, just do some searching around to figure out how to increase.
  10. Killerwoody

    Add new line in .dat

    Why add a new line when there is 100's of open lines? Makes no sense!
  11. Killerwoody

    Add new item cash shop

    ipcsa01-03 should be there already why re-add it ?
  12. Killerwoody

    Ore Deposit Amount

    Sat 3 I changed made the amount of ore that can be mined higher. The other ones never touched
  13. Killerwoody

    Can't take quest split

    Did that column help ?
  14. Killerwoody

    RF Catapult Animation

    Not under resource.dat, check the UnitArms under item.edf. There are columns for Effects. If I'm not mistaken, Rocket Massive Volley is the effect you're looking for
  15. Killerwoody

    Nameless Atlantica Online

    SERVER IS ONLINE AND OPEN TO PLAY! COME CHECK IT OUT! Will add server specs and location once online. I do not own this server but I am actively learning about this game. Old game, Turn based combat, PvP is tournament based, Very fun game lots of things to do. Discord Client Nameless AO Auto Registration Game Ver: 3.23.83 Server Rates: Xp Rate: 1500%, TGIF: 1550% Weekends: 1700% Craft Xp Rate: 500%, TGIF: 525% Weekends: 550% Workload Rate: 500%, TGIF: 525% Weekends: 550% Bonus Atk 10%, Fri 20% Weekends 30% Bonus Def 10%, Fri 15% Weekends 20% Craft Rates: +10 2% +9 3% +8 5% +7 7% +6 12% +5 15% +4 22% +3 34% Revamped guild buff + 1% atk,def,workload every 5 level up to 25% Title buffs last 3 hours IND Dungeon 6 hours CD GD,ND Raids 20 hours CD Start @ Lv 100 D, C Rank Mercenaries scale with to level 100 Crafting start Lv 30 No ItemMall Claim Welcome Gift Pack from mailbox - MTX, Extra Perm Inv, Merc Room Perm, 1 A Rank Merc and 1 B Rank Merc of your choice and some stuffs to kickstart Mercs come upgraded! All maps unlocked for teleport All MTX have same stats (Rare mounts have higher movement speed) All mercenaries seal orb can be acquired in game from NPC / Drops Atlas Ores can be farmed from INDS All sword users have cross attack pattern like pirate instead of single target (Include mobs) Cheaper mats @ Marketplace for your convenience Cheat Engine permitted only for faster battlespeed Botting not allowed Multiclients / alts allowed as many as you like as long you can pilot all of them
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