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  1. Killerwoody

    Tool rate!

    The main prob with editing this is it messing up you getting pt exp. Only thing we found was to set lvl 30 class change to half the full 99 pt and at 40 they get the rest to max it at 99
  2. Killerwoody

    Share new chip

    Or worldsystem.ini just change the chip mob code.
  3. Killerwoody

    About AoE Mau

    Yes you will see atteff and defeff if not mistaken
  4. Killerwoody

    About AoE Mau

    Effect it client side, 2nd to last row.
  5. Killerwoody

    About AoE Mau

    Just change effect to a 12 which is rocket volley
  6. Killerwoody

    Server stats

    I wiped the rf world now server stats aren't writing now to game cp. Any ideas to fix this issue?
  7. Killerwoody

    About AoE Mau

  8. Killerwoody

    Nuclear Damage

    Yes trapitem.dat
  9. Killerwoody

    Guard Tower Accuracy

    GADst is Guard Attack Distance....
  10. Killerwoody

    SQL Stale Cursor Error

    I had this error with 1.4.2 also.
  11. Killerwoody

    [2232] Fix for display hunter point

    Hmm idk I ran the patcher it did nothing.
  12. Killerwoody

    [2232] Fix for display hunter point

    Used his bin didn't work for me so idk
  13. Killerwoody

    [2232] Fix for display hunter point

    Says no file there to DL...
  14. Killerwoody

    [2232] Fix for display hunter point

    So not just any bin will work... This hunting point crap is driving me nuts. Tried to just hex them in and client crashes....
  15. Killerwoody

    Party Gap

    Ya I just did charm lol thanks