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    H4TE is dumb hes a bit special haha
  2. ZoneServer Error - Failed to create empty document

    Did you run as admin? Run dat cutter in your script folder to clear out any white space. So many factors could be causing this.
  3. Auto reward cash points

    Thanks to Nuna and Roslaw for their awesomeness Hope this helps.
  4. Seal code for relic weapons.

    Ruined seal Breaking Scroll iyrel01 Normal seal breaking scroll iyrel02 Blessed seal breaking scroll iyrel03 Codes by Nightmare RF Online Codes.7z
  5. Unsealed Scroll Code for Sealed Relics

    This was made by Nightmare good code tool RF Online Codes.7z
  6. Modify mining project

    Make sure your total equals 100% on all items per ore, if +3 or has 27 rows make sure all added together equals 100% use loot converter and do some math. If you just add an item without fixing the % the last item on the list will process about 100+ items I should make a guide in this.
  7. How can I modify the time of the auxiliary skills?

    Classskill.dat and Skillforce.edf fine the times and increase the times of all the rows.
  8. Premium Issue

    Were guessing it because we didn't have the table set from the start, H4TE messed with it for a little bit and did a full restore of db then it started working correctly.
  9. Premium Issue

    We fixed it
  10. Premium Issue

    Yea we were confused as to how without that tbl. thank much @Nuna maybe due to RU code maybe idk we will mess with it more lol
  11. Premium Issue

    Before I added the tbl i don't know haha We had a biling with cashlist cashlog personal billing and user. What I'm trying to say is premium everyone got without adding. Think maybe it's because it was creating accounts under RFTestAccount maybe?
  12. Premium Issue

    The billing we have has neither of them, I add User Status to the billing but before I added all accounts created have premium. We're using the cracked game cp intrepid.
  13. Premium Issue

    My local server I set the billing up with userstatus to add premium manually. Our server does not have this in the Billing file, when you create an account manually on the local there's no premium. On the server with game cp creation all accounts are getting premium even tho that user status doesn't exist in the billing db. Not sure why so asking if anyone knows why maybe ?
  14. Remove Loot Penalty

    Haha never even paid attention to that file in all these years good to know