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  1. Killerwoody


    First add item into the cashshop.dat files client and server. Make sure the client code is correct. Also client and server have a IsCash column you need to turn on. So if you add a potions go in the potion.dat and edf client. Change both to is cash to make it show up in the cash shop.
  2. Killerwoody


    You still have to edit client and server column IsCash or it will not work.
  3. Killerwoody


    Well it says start world db failed so check you db makes sure they have a connection...
  4. Killerwoody

    Gold capsules are not visible in the drop.

    Add the mesh to it from regular booty the little white blueish cube.
  5. Killerwoody

    GM skills, but I can not get equipment from other classes.

    Melee should be able to use a launcher but a launcher aka ranger can not use melee weapons above level 40. Since 45 pt is 68. Launcher should be able to use a bow up to gm pt. Double check your class
  6. Killerwoody

    GM skills, but I can not get equipment from other classes.

    Are you a spec or ?
  7. Killerwoody


    Try searching man
  8. Killerwoody

    Hiring Dev

    You might need to leave contact details. It might just help you.
  9. Killerwoody

    Greeting and happy holidays to everyone

    Same to you bro!
  10. Killerwoody

    Help Critical ERROR MAU Catapult

    So you can bring mau out but getting in it dc you?
  11. Killerwoody


    Anything in ore item can come out of ore cutting. Edit ore item with an item then try it.
  12. Killerwoody

    Tool rate!

    The main prob with editing this is it messing up you getting pt exp. Only thing we found was to set lvl 30 class change to half the full 99 pt and at 40 they get the rest to max it at 99
  13. Killerwoody

    Share new chip

    Or worldsystem.ini just change the chip mob code.
  14. Killerwoody

    About AoE Mau

    Yes you will see atteff and defeff if not mistaken
  15. Killerwoody

    About AoE Mau

    Effect it client side, 2nd to last row.
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