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  1. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    How to edit the maximum capacity cp / disena / dalant and gold

    I use another friend protection
  2. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    How to edit the maximum capacity cp / disena / dalant and gold

    I know it sounds like a ridiculous question, but can you tell me how to convert this value into hex 4 byte?
  3. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    [HELP] Problem with gold box mining! Yorozuya

    Hello friends, how are you? hope so! I am working on Yorozuya protection, putting new modules etc, but so far I have realized that any version I compile, even using the ones that are already ready, the gold boxes we receive in mining do not work! I tried with other protections, all of them this function works, but when I put Yorozuya the error begins! I can mine them, but I can not open the box because of a bizarre mistake! follow the images below! I hope someone can help in this problem and solve other users, soon I will post a new version of Yorozuya with new modules! (With Yorozuya) - https://prnt.sc/mykl7n Error related to item: Unidentified error (12) (With Other Protection) - https://prnt.sc/myklle (With Other Protection) - https://prnt.sc/myklxt Tks for all!
  4. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Can anyone tell me how I can work the brilliant gold box and the coupon box, which is collected in the mining? with this protection the boxes do not open, they give an Error Unknown Error (12), but only the ones that we take in the mining, the other boxes and pills work normal!
  5. Good evening, my friends, I would like to know how I can change the maximum amount of money in the game! This is the zone server!
  6. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Good evening, my friends, I wonder if anyone has managed to fix the problem in the potions?
  7. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    [HELP] How to host the GAMECP

    Good afternoon, I'm trying to put my gamecp in my hosting, my sql stays on my machine that has ip public! but when access the link of the gamecp appears this error, the hosting is already with mssql active, and version 2.4 of apache!
  8. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    [HELP] Change Item Description!

  9. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    [HELP] Change Item Description!

    Hello friends, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, today I ask for a simple help, I would like to know how to do Edit, Add, Delete the Description of an item! Example, every weapon comes a description! I would like to change or create a new description! Can someone help me?
  10. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    AutoUpdate with Launcher

    Now, can you post the Auto Update and Full Emulator? So we can use it too?
  11. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    Is it safe to use GameCP V2?

    Only I'm going to have such information, do you think it's safe to put a GameCP v2 on an online server?
  12. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    Is it safe to use GameCP V2?

    Good afternoon friends, I would like to know if it is safe to use GameCP v2 on an online server, to put intense sales etc ..
  13. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    RF Online Game CP for (GU)

    thank you so much! I'll try!
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