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  1. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    Cost of Developing RF Server

    So friend, a project like this, I usually charge about 150 $, but I do with my files, if the client has no protection even provide a one year! But it can vary a lot!
  2. Good evening friends, I've been kind of missing because of some problems I had during that time, I'm going back to RF Online, I had the opportunity to use Seraphim protection while it was running, and I noticed that RFOnline.bin, I had many flaws fixed, until I was able to put Potions for sale by (Certain Point), I wonder if anyone has a bin as good as this, so I can use in another protection!
  3. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    RF Mark I International

    I come to bring you all! The Registration Links / Download / Site / Groups! Website: https://rfmark1.com/index.php Donate: https://rfmark1.com/donate.php Registration: http://cp.rfmark1.com/gamecp_register.php Download: https://rfmark1.com/download.php Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/361175311257717/ WhatsApp Group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/IT7JPMeVcN55nr3MXgbZqv Discord Group: https://discordapp.com/invite/pVs49Dw Contact: https://rfmark1.com/contact.php DOWNLOAD OUR FULL CUSTOMER IF TO AVOID MISTAKES!
  4. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    RF Mark I International

    SERVER RATE • Level Max: 55 • Version: • Exp Free: 10000x • Drop Free: 10x • Animus Free: 20000x • Mine Free: 50x • BonusMinute: 1x • Exp Premium: 20000x • Drop Premium: 20x • Animus Premium: 40000x • Mine Premium: 100x • BonusMinute: 2x • Upgrade: +6 100% / All Items • Gold Box: On • Guild Honor: On • Mail: On • Auction: On • LastChipBonus: On • PremiumTime: On • EXP Hit/Last MAU: On • Quest 50/55: Off • Event Auto: On (Check EVENT LIST) • Buffs: 4000 Sec • PT / Skills: GM • Gli, Beam, Rian: 50kk / Pack (99) • Cash Point Play Time: 300 / Minute AFK Does Not Win • Gold Point Play Time: 200 / Minute AFK Does Not Win • Certain Point Play Time: 50 / Minute AFK Does Not Win • Dalant Play Time: 100000 / Minute AFK Does Not Win • Gold Play Time: 100 / Minute AFK Does Not Win • BuffMe: On in HQ • Protection: CF-Protect • Maintenance every Wednesday: 9:00AM / 18:00 PM Brazilian Clock • Staff On: 24/7 Facebook & WhatsApp • No OverPower Donation • Damage: Orginal CCR INC • Daily Events • Ore +3 Talic • Ore +4 T4 • Combine in Hero 5 Pack Gold Pill +29 = 1 Pill 15k GP • Mining System: Cash Point, Dalant, Gold, Gold Point, PVP Point,CP Point SYSTEM VOTE / GAMECP & ARCHON • Level Char Minimal 55 • CPT Minimal 50.000 • Mark Point Minimal 3.000 • PlayTime Minimal 72hrs Logued. [DROP] DROP LIST Flym: • Semi-Perfect Elementals BOSS: HQ / SOLUS / ANNACADE / HARAM / NUMERUS / ARMORY-117 / ARMORY-213: • Basic Runes • T4 • Talics • Perfect Elementals Sette Desert: Portal Defensor: • Gold Pill / Cash Pill / Point Pill / Dalant Pill / Cash Pill. WinBox: • Box Armor PVP 55. JACK CARTER BOSS: • Lv 40,50 Jetpack. • Gold Capsule +1000. • Box Leon JETSO BOSS: • Lv 55 Grade99 Jetpack. • Gold Capsule +1000. • Box Weapon PVP. • Box Armor PVP. • Box HDH GOLDEN PIG BOSS: • Gold Pig Statue Silver & Gold. • Box Weapon PVP. • Gold Capsule +3000. VOLCANIC CAULDORON: Hum BaBa: • Gold Pill 29. Giant Baba: • Gold Pill 29. Infernal Drako: • Gold Pill 29. BELPHEGOR BOSS: • Leon Box. • Caliana Necklace. • Gold Capsule +1000. ELAN: BOGGIE VOLT: • Talics / T4. DEVASTATOR RHEA: • Excelsiar A / B / C (Yellow,White,Black). BOSS: ROCK JOE / TARAVEN / BLINK / CALLIANA QUEEN / SOUL SINDER: • BOX Weapon PVP 55. • Gold Capsule +1000. • T5 and T6 Envelope. BOSS: DAGON / DAGAN / DAGNUE: • 3D Elem • Weapons Leons 50. • Gold Caspule +3000. • T5 and T6 Envelope. ETHER: CALIANA ATROC: • Gli / Gold Pill 29. CALIANA CREW: • Gli / Gold Pill 29. CALIANA ARCHER: • Gli / Gold Pill 29. ASSASSIN BUILDER B: • Gli / Gold Pill 29. BOSS: CALIANA PRINCESS: • Gold Pig Statue Silver & Gold. • Gold Capsule +1000. • Talics. • Runes. • Perfect Elementals. • Necklace CALLIANA. CARTELLA LABORATORY: BOSS: IZEN CRACKER: • Gold Capsule +6000. • BOX Free Weapons. • BOX Free Armors. BOSS: THOR: • Gold Capsule +6000. • BOX Free Weapons. • BOX Free Armors. CRAG MINE: CHIP: • Perfect Elemental. • Gold Capsule +1000. • Teleport Mine. • T5 and T6 Envelope. HSK: • Perfect Elemental. • Gold Capsule +1000. • Teleport Mine. • T5 and T6 Envelope. SELED PORTALS: SELEAD PBS: • Free Weapons. • Free Armors. • Box HDH. EVENT LIST ELAN: BOSS: BIG WALNUT / HUGE BEACON / SANTA CHOOTY: • Free Weapons. • Free Armors. • Box HDH. • JetPack 55. [NPC] NPC LIST NOTE: ALL NPC IN HQ ACC,BCC and CCC ARMOR / WEAPONS / SHIELDS •Armors: Intense 35~55 •Weapons: Intense 35~55 •Shields: Intense 35~55 DARK AMBASSADOR •Armors Orange 55 FREE CASH SHOP •POTIONS / AMMUNITION GOLDEN PIG •Original •New Charms / Jade Vitality •Trapper & Tower •Panic Mask, Horse Mask (53,55,57) POTIONS •HP 5K / FP 2,5K / SP 2,5K
  5. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    [HELP] Copying NPC SHIELD to Character Shield!

    If you can send it, I'm grateful!
  6. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    [HELP] Copying NPC SHIELD to Character Shield!

    I really am Noob, I tried in several ways and I could not! I got to get some effects but not what I wanted!
  7. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    [HELP] Copying NPC SHIELD to Character Shield!

    Thank you all! I'll try to do!
  8. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    [HELP] Copying NPC SHIELD to Character Shield!

    Good evening, I was thinking today about effects of weapons, shields, armor, but it is not my branch much less my focus! but I would like to know about a subject! Is it possible for me to add the shield effects of this NPC in the Shield of 55? If anyone knows how to do this can you let me know? I'm kind of out of RF Online, these months on account that I'm getting married soon! but I'm coming back active! and come back bringing some projects! Thank you all! I'm waiting!
  9. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    How to edit the maximum capacity cp / disena / dalant and gold

    I use another friend protection
  10. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    How to edit the maximum capacity cp / disena / dalant and gold

    I know it sounds like a ridiculous question, but can you tell me how to convert this value into hex 4 byte?
  11. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    [HELP] Problem with gold box mining! Yorozuya

    Hello friends, how are you? hope so! I am working on Yorozuya protection, putting new modules etc, but so far I have realized that any version I compile, even using the ones that are already ready, the gold boxes we receive in mining do not work! I tried with other protections, all of them this function works, but when I put Yorozuya the error begins! I can mine them, but I can not open the box because of a bizarre mistake! follow the images below! I hope someone can help in this problem and solve other users, soon I will post a new version of Yorozuya with new modules! (With Yorozuya) - https://prnt.sc/mykl7n Error related to item: Unidentified error (12) (With Other Protection) - https://prnt.sc/myklle (With Other Protection) - https://prnt.sc/myklxt Tks for all!
  12. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Can anyone tell me how I can work the brilliant gold box and the coupon box, which is collected in the mining? with this protection the boxes do not open, they give an Error Unknown Error (12), but only the ones that we take in the mining, the other boxes and pills work normal!
  13. Good evening, my friends, I would like to know how I can change the maximum amount of money in the game! This is the zone server!
  14. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Good evening, my friends, I wonder if anyone has managed to fix the problem in the potions?
  15. -ES-FrankenSteiN

    [HELP] How to host the GAMECP

    Good afternoon, I'm trying to put my gamecp in my hosting, my sql stays on my machine that has ip public! but when access the link of the gamecp appears this error, the hosting is already with mssql active, and version 2.4 of apache!
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