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    https://mega.nz/#!2E1GBaJA!4TXwsK2to43qVqZoK0JDHAtT1vmTUIjs7w5cnXGDWYI here sir i don't know how to upload things here
  2. Dummo


  3. Dummo


    ipgld48 15k GP
  4. Dummo


  5. Dummo


    Does anyone knew? i try to search but most of it are obsolete i was about to add 5 stack of Gold Points +29 @ Hero combination slot, and edit itemcombine.edf to .dat i have match all the column and still "item combination materials are incorrect"
  6. Dummo

    Control Device Appearance

    Does someone can give some guide how to change the texture of the Control Device? with another Monster
  7. Dummo

    FG Stuck/Launcher Stuck

    what version of your client? use Dat.Cutter
  8. Dummo

    Infi Wand Glow

    bro do you edit some game launcher background images?
  9. Dummo

    Costume RF Online Launcher

    Does anyone sell costume launcher? here or anyone is willing to help? heheheh
  10. Dummo


    use converter(matching tool)
  11. Dummo


    a simple step to open corfokit.
  12. Dummo

    Wide Zoom by DevCorp

    do you have any idea how to make that one enable sir?
  13. Dummo


    I was hoping that someone could set-up the step by step process of corfokit it would be help and would be great for development i try to check but they are field i'm still new trying to work hard for server http://blob:https://imgur.com/5f193eaa-df37-49f5-92a5-a9e7d229fb9d
  14. Dummo

    Wide Zoom by DevCorp

    how sir? sorry i'm still a newbie i have been exploring this but can't
  15. Dummo

    Wide Zoom by DevCorp

    those anyone know how this kind of zoom-out on devcorp work? hmm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHnXHlc-c6Y&feature=youtu.be
  16. Dummo

    PVP Points Query

    Can i ask how to have a insertion of PVP Points?( Certain Points in-game ) anyone can help or release? good for version.
  17. Dummo

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    o'm havong a alg issue using this gameguard always backtrack
  18. Dummo

    All Users Premium Service

    where sir?
  19. Dummo

    All Users Premium Service

    Hi sorry noob question here. how to add all users a automatic Premium service for 3 days? is there any sql for it? sorry
  20. can someone help me? about this thing i want to change those left text into something newer. the [ GM ]
  21. Dummo

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    Does anyone have new ini files for this gameguard? can i have some? just practicing to implement this guard sorry i don't know how to create ini files.
  22. I got 2 problems hope anybody can help me with my problem here. My 1st Problem is my Premium Service, my premium service is actually working but my main problem is it's not showing on the client side below the pvp system "Premium Service" 2nd problem is the Processing Point, whenever i process orestone my it's not adding any processing point to my character. can somebody help me with this problem? please?
  23. Dummo

    NPC Problem

    not only this but also my dual pots. I encode it on the client side still the same. point
  24. Dummo


    @Maree bro is this where i'm going to block a certain map?
  25. Dummo


    THanks Bro
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