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  1. Wolf173

    Potion Effects

    I think that's in SkillForce.edf
  2. Wolf173

    Developer Launcher - Binary & Source Code

    You can do it this way go to the properties of your launcher then settings and add these Settings Then add a checkbox and in the checkedchanged properties of it add this if (RememberCheckBox.Checked){ Properties.Settings.Default.userName = txtboxUsername.Text; Properties.Settings.Default.passUser = txtboxPassword.Text; Properties.Settings.Default.CheckBox = true; Properties.Settings.Default.Save();} else{ Properties.Settings.Default.userName = ""; Properties.Settings.Default.passUser = ""; Properties.Settings.Default.CheckBox = false; Properties.Settings.Default.Save();} and then in the load properties of your form add this txtboxUsername.Text = Properties.Settings.Default.userName; txtboxPassword.Text = Properties.Settings.Default.passUser; RememberCheckBox.Checked = Properties.Settings.Default.CheckBox;
  3. Wolf173

    login waiting server

    Heres the bin from the client i had working RF_Online.bin
  4. Wolf173

    login waiting server

    Heres the hackshield folder from a client i had working try it.HackShield
  5. Wolf173

    Paimon Aggressive

  6. Wolf173

    Help how to remove empty bytes

    You can either use a hex editor or plonk this file in the same folder as the itemlooting.dat and just run it.DatCutter.7z
  7. Wolf173

    [Help] Summon Levels

    You server Animus exp and your client Animus exp per level are not the same.
  8. Wolf173

    SQL Stale Cursor Error

    No but i only disabled the code part above not the rest of it so it wouldn't even try to create the table. And isnt this a perm table not temp ?.
  9. Wolf173

    SQL Stale Cursor Error

    I think for me this part was causing the crash if (!TableExist("tbl_KillerList")) { static wchar_t wszQueryCreateTable[] = LR"( CREATE TABLE [dbo].[tbl_KillerList]( [PlayerSerial] [int] NOT NULL, [DiedPlayerSerial] [int] NOT NULL, [When] [date] NOT NULL); CREATE INDEX indx_load_list ON [tbl_KillerList] ([PlayerSerial], [When]); )"; CRFNewDatabase::ExecUpdateQuery(wszQueryCreateTable, false); } i think it was trying to create the table if it existed or not, i commented out this part and i dont think ive seen the error you have anymore
  10. Wolf173

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    In 3 months its happened just 1 time for me
  11. Wolf173

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    For this and also itemlooting error and also random switching from 1hander and shield to a 2hander it doesn't always equip the 2hander with set effects it seems to be this causing it void CPlayerEx::Loop() { if (m_pPlayer->m_bLoad && m_pPlayer->m_bOper) { if (!m_pPlayer->IsSiegeMode() && !m_pPlayer->IsRidingUnit()) { CCriticalSectionGuard guard(m_mtxSetView); if (m_tmPeriodSendItemInfo.is_end()) { for (const auto& set : m_setSetItemInfoView) { m_pPlayer->SendMsg_SetItemCheckResult(8, set.info.dwSetItem, set.info.bySetEffectNum); } m_tmPeriodSendItemInfo.begin(::std::chrono::seconds(10)); } } } } its in PlayerEx.cpp hope this helps.
  12. Wolf173

    Specs unable to put down towers?

    I just disabled this and it works fine, also unrelated matter the traps didn't work properly either they didn't always do damage.
  13. Wolf173

    Specs unable to put down towers?

    I had this using the Yorozuya from here.
  14. Wolf173

    ToolTipIndex(Item Description)

    Then you need to adjust it to suit your file.
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