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  1. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    In 3 months its happened just 1 time for me
  2. Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    For this and also itemlooting error and also random switching from 1hander and shield to a 2hander it doesn't always equip the 2hander with set effects it seems to be this causing it void CPlayerEx::Loop() { if (m_pPlayer->m_bLoad && m_pPlayer->m_bOper) { if (!m_pPlayer->IsSiegeMode() && !m_pPlayer->IsRidingUnit()) { CCriticalSectionGuard guard(m_mtxSetView); if (m_tmPeriodSendItemInfo.is_end()) { for (const auto& set : m_setSetItemInfoView) { m_pPlayer->SendMsg_SetItemCheckResult(8, set.info.dwSetItem, set.info.bySetEffectNum); } m_tmPeriodSendItemInfo.begin(::std::chrono::seconds(10)); } } } } its in PlayerEx.cpp hope this helps.
  3. Specs unable to put down towers?

    I just disabled this and it works fine, also unrelated matter the traps didn't work properly either they didn't always do damage.
  4. Specs unable to put down towers?

    I had this using the Yorozuya from here.
  5. ToolTipIndex(Item Description)

    Then you need to adjust it to suit your file.
  6. ToolTipIndex(Item Description)

    Yes its in NDitem try this NDitem2.2.3.2.strs
  7. Item.dat STRS Client Side

    Try this one Item.7z
  8. RF Europe

    I think they were supposed to open just after Christmas also and didn't.
  9. (SOLVED)Combine Error

    If its the same thing i had then in the client itemcombine.dat Combine table 1 has an extra line in it that makes everything after not work, just have to remove the extra one and its ok.
  10. Here ya go Sette.7z platform01.7z
  11. These files are missing SystemGuardTower.ini in the script folder. SystemGuardTower.ini
  12. Need Help -pvpcash

    You just need to kill more different people for it to work.
  13. Left Side Council Spots "None"

    Yeah the day on the server is Tuesdays, and i close login/acc and zone and then restart the server box.
  14. Left Side Council Spots "None"

    Its restarted on Tuesdays.
  15. MonsterCharacter error

    This is correct for 223 bsb i just copy pasted to test it.