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    Texture/Glow Tutorial

    I've pinned this thread to replace our other ones, since this is a lot more refined. Great work! 😎
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    RF Map Tool

    Strange. Can you provide a screenshot? Also, run a 64bit dxdiag, copy your results to pastebin, and share the link with me in a PM. This will give us other useful information. https://help.ea.com/en-us/help/pc/how-to-gather-dxdiag-information/
  3. Ron

    RF Map Tool

    Version 1.0.6


    RF Map Tool by RF-Dev Map Tool allows you to edit maps for RF Online. The original code has been fixed and improved by our team. Features Collision Editor Dummy Editor Entity Editor Particle Editor Sound Editor Compatible with all RF BSP versions Import / Export entities between maps with .mel files generated by Map Tool. About Map Tool Map Tool is built from the source code that has been around for some time. Extensive time has been spent repairing the original source, debugging various issues, and implementing our own code fixes and improvements. We are now happy enough with the current state of Map Tool to justify a public release. Various map editing features are available. The collision editor allows you to adjust barriers that prevent players from accessing certain locations. The dummy editor is for adding and adjusting monster spawn locations. The Dummy Editor can also modify NPC, portal, and mining locations. The Entity Editor enables customization of objects within maps. This allows you to move trees and other entities around, adjust their view range limits, and modify entity size through the scaling option. Map entities can be exported as .mel files to import into other maps. Sounds across maps can also be adjusted and are played in real-time within the editor. We are releasing Map Tool so the community can assist with testing, documentation, and expanding features over time. We will release occasional updates as we receive feedback from the community. Startup Guide Copy all files to your client folder (same folder as RF_Online.bin) Run RFMapTool.exe Note: Unpack the client RPK files for later RF versions. R3Engine.ini Settings [RenderState] RenderBits=32 //RF-Dev Map Tool has resolution improvements. This value works best for proper display of particles. [RFDevMapTool] PopupErrors=false // Change to 'true' to enable pop-up error dialoags. Monster / NPC / Portal / Mining Location Editing Load the map you want to adjust. Go to File > Dummy Open, then open the server side SPT file for this map. Click the Dummy Icon on the right sidebar to open the Dummy Editor. The Dummy Icon looks like a 2D Plane. Known Issues Newer maps such as OC may have problems loading textures. Packed RPK is currently not supported. Extract the RPK's to your client folder to work with entities. Packed RPK support will be added in a future version. If the options sidebar has overlap and formatting issues, try to enable High DPI Scaling Override. To do this, right click RFMapTool.exe, select Properties, select the Compatibility tab, click the Change high DPI settings button, enable the checkbox for High DPI scaling override, and set the drop-down to System. Save your changes and try Map Tool again. BM, OC, and some 1.5 maps with similar logic are not loading ground textures. Editor positioning on BM is off. You must fly straight down around -Y500 to reach the map. Common Errors D3DERR_INVALIDCALL Cause: MapTool does not currently work on systems running integrated graphics (no dedicated graphics card) Solution: If your system has a dedicated graphics card, make sure integrated graphics is disabled. Collision Vulnerability - Hacking Potential with Map Tool Map Tool can modify barriers in any map. This allows you to create your own barriers and block locations you don't want players accessing. This also allows you to remove all barriers and access locations players shouldn't normally be able to. Some versions of RF do not have proper server-side collision checking. It has already been possible to utilize hack tools to move through barriers. With Map Tool, players can more easily bypass barriers in maps simply by modifying client-side map files directly. We decided to not filter the tool and release including all features available in the original source. You should keep this vulnerability in mind if you are running a public server. Credits This release is proudly presented by the RF-Dev Team. @Agony - Developer @PC_Bro - Developer @Ron - Developer @leethobbit - QA Testing
  4. Ron

    RF Map Tool

    No error messages display? Also check rfdev_error.txt for any logged errors.
  5. Ron


    Here is another release, but for 2.2.3. It will take some modification to work with
  6. Ron

    Greeting and happy holidays to everyone

    Welcome back & happy new year! It's nice to see more old faces returning to the community.
  7. Ron

    Help Critical ERROR MAU Catapult

    According to his thread on RaGEZONE, this has been resolved by using a different client BIN. So I suppose if anyone else gets this issue, verify you have a clean BIN and go from there. -thread closed-
  8. Ron

    Client automatically shuts down

    If this doesn't work, clear all equipped items and inventory, and try again.
  9. Ron

    DefaultSet.tmp problem

    Thanks for being detailed with the fix. -thread closed-
  10. Ron

    Merry Christmas

    Happy Holidays!
  11. The zip included with the official installer is password protected. Use the second download for a zip with no password.
  12. The official PlayRF (playrf.com) game client. The first link is the original client installer. The second link is the installed client directory in a zip archive in case you want to skip the installer. Original Installer The official installation executable for https://mega.nz/#!u950lAxT!mssEdjSMO4XR70IFfDNEWIN56pcJDQowuzgZIYOuysw Client Folder Zip Use this if you want to skip running the installation just to obtain the client files. These files are zipped immediately after installation and are untouched. https://mega.nz/#!ewpE3aYa!F2biTYhhzvvMMChSQ-W2X9decyxAiRvMiRp7KptkjKc readme.txt Original PlayRF (retail) client files. Historical Pages: http://web.archive.org/web/20090211054306/http://playrf.com http://web.archive.org/web/20090210223359/http://playrf.com:80/RFPDS/Client/Client.asp ###################### Minimum Requirement Recommended Requirement CPU Pentium -3 Pentium –4 or over RAM 256 MB 1G Graphic card nVIDIA Geforce FX Series, ATI Radeon 9500 or better nVIDIA Gefore 6 or over, ATI Radeon X700 or over Operating System Windows 2000 Windows XP / VISTA Hard Disc 6.0 GB or more 6.0 GB or more Direct X MS Direct X 9.0c or over MS Direct X 9.0c or over Connection Speed Personal line (Cable, xDSL, FTTH) Personal line (Cable, xDSL, FTTH) ######################
  13. Ron

    login waiting server

    Since you have resolved the problem I am closing this thread. Please open a new support thread if you are facing a different issue.
  14. Ron

    Map Tool for Mobs

    Map Tool with the Dummy Editor mode. Open the map, the load the map's relevant SPT file. You should see the spawns pop up. Export your changes back to SPT when done.
  15. Ron

    [HELP] How to host the GAMECP

    Also make sure that your hosting provider allows outbound connections to port 1433. They may need to enable this as most providers block most ports by default.
  16. Ron

    Support Guidelines

    Welcome to the RF support section. Any and all questions regarding working with RF are welcome here. Threads with short questions are allowed as long as what you're asking is clear. There are no post length or content requirements for asking clear, brief questions. When posting you are required to do the following: Use a clear, "to the point" thread title. Select the relevant game version from the thread tag drop-down. When posting a more detailed issue please try to include the following information: Description of the issue. Exact steps to reproduce the issue. Video or screenshots to support explaining the issue. Once your issue or question has been resolved please respond to your thread indicating so. A moderator will close your thread and moved it to our "solved issues" archive. Please do not update your original post to "solved". This allows other members to reference the original issue and solution. Do not excessively bump support topics. Someone will reply if they believe they can assist you. Follow up on your topic to post the solution if you end up fixing the problem yourself or with other resources. Do not respond to other's topics saying "use search". If you cannot help resolve the problem then do not reply. Additionally please do not flame other members for asking questions. Everyone is on a different skill level and we all start somewhere. A lot of people come here to learn. You must be willing to teach at a level the OP can understand if you decide to respond. Your thread will be closed when your question is or appears to be resolved. If you need to re-open the thread please message a Moderator or myself. Feel free to respond to this topic with any questions regarding these guidelines.
  17. Ron

    Itemloots Problem

    The settings in my last post are for adjusting the drop rate difference by level. For example, BIG_5_MONSTER = 70 means the drop rate will be 70% of the normal value if you are 5 levels higher than the monster. SMALL_X_MONSTER is for X levels lower than the monster, and the percentage value works the same way.
  18. Ron

    Build RF

    I've moved this thread to the Support section. Development is for sharing information on projects you may be working on. @Decagroup welcome to RF-Dev. Start in the Guides section, there is a lot of good information there. Things will become more clear as you read more. Guidelines / rules for replying to help threads are available here. I'll go ahead and close this thread. If you need help on a more specific issue, make a new post following our Support Guidelines, and someone in the community will likely be happy to assist you. The more information you provide, the easier it is for others to help you. Good luck!
  19. Ron

    Itemloots Problem

    For those curious, this can be adjusted in zoneserver\bin\Initialize\MonsterSet.ini by adjusting the following values. [DROPRATE] SAME_WITH_MONSTER = 100 BIG_1_MONSTER = 100 BIG_2_MONSTER = 100 BIG_3_MONSTER = 90 BIG_4_MONSTER = 80 BIG_5_MONSTER = 70 BIG_6_MONSTER = 60 BIG_7_MONSTER = 50 BIG_8_MONSTER = 40 BIG_9_MONSTER = 30 BIG_10_MONSTER = 20 SMALL_1_MONSTER = 100 SMALL_2_MONSTER = 90 SMALL_3_MONSTER = 70 SMALL_4_MONSTER = 60 SMALL_5_MONSTER = 50 SMALL_6_MONSTER = 40 SMALL_7_MONSTER = 30 SMALL_8_MONSTER = 20 SMALL_9_MONSTER = 10 SMALL_10_MONSTER = 5
  20. It may be a problem with the launcher. Try setting up the official launcher (with the update emulator).
  21. Server files for RF Online Golden Age (GA) / Golden Update (GU). These files should have minimal changes from their original state (clean). Some issues exist with these files. Feel free to discuss any problems with the files in this thread so everyone can share fixes. Server Files https://mega.nz/#!7lpzRLwR!jzY5KiXdRK-j1boBPSl6ypGhfau1--mOyHBKMC7UqZg Game Client You will need to set up the Launcher Update Emulator to use the official launcher. You can also reference the Developer Launcher to fast track getting in-game, or reference the source code to create your own launcher. Setup Guides Alternate Database Files Try these databases if you experience issues logging in with the databases included in the server files. RF Tool Pack
  22. In my last setup attempt I ran in to the same issue. Are you using the official launcher or a custom launcher?
  23. Ron

    How to disabled BM Scroll

    Locked as resolved. Feel free to lock it yourself in the future once resolved. Members can lock their own threads now.
  24. Ron

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    I have access to the repo now. No ETA, but I will work on this as I get time. If anyone is interested in contributing code or general debugging, PM me on Discord.
  25. Ron

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    If you don't mind me changing things, feel free to add me. There is no reason we can't use your existing repo if you want to make it active again. Github username is ronrfdev.