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  1. [FIX] Cash Related: Item Price is Different

    @AndiGinthink please post your own thread if you need assistance with something. Since OP's issue is solved I am closing this thread.
  2. Weapon/Armor Upgrade Success Rate

    "Stock" zone requires hex editing to change these rates. Check Releases for a zone structure.
  3. Side by side configuration error

    Can you confirm the exact fix for others? Usually this is caused by not installing RFDepends, but just checking to be sure before I close and archive this as "solved". Thanks.
  4. Gate to Heavens Project

    Awesome. Glad to have you on the site. Welcome! We did have a test server going for a while. You may have seen the project page at https://gth.rf-dev.net The test ran for about two weeks and I got a lot of valuable information on what needs to be addressed. I still have my notes but finding development time is the issue at the moment, and I'll also be using a difference source as a baseline. Once it's back up I'll be in touch with you for sure. I am still highly interested in developing GTH but this project is on hold at the moment. We have a few things in progress right now and I need to finish up some other stuff before I can get back to GTH. Stay tuned! GTH is special to me and like RF I don't want to see it die. We just have a lot of stuff going on for RF at the moment so my extra time is tied up. I'll have more news soon.
  5. Allow XP in MAU.

    Hello @wooltestup2142, welcome to RF-Dev! Implementing features like this require patching in custom code in to the zoneserver. These projects are commonly called "zone guards" or "zone modules". Various developers sell their own versions. Yorozuya is a free, open source zone guard developed by @g00dw1n. Yorozuya works with and has a MAU exp module available. Check the Yorozuya thread for more information.
  6. Website Updates

    The tag system has been updated today. Moving forward tags should be used to indicate what version of RF your post is related to. If your post is related to all versions then leave tags empty. Previous threads with tags not on this list will be removed over time. I recommend members go back and update your thread tags so other people can easily find content relevant to each version.
  7. Edit ItemLooting.dat with Ms. Excel

    If you haven't found this already, here is Intrepid-Web's original collection of scripts & templates. There are a lot of other useful scripts and tools. https://bitbucket.org/Intrepid-Web/010-editor
  8. I'd imagine a repack would be in highest demand since that version has more tools, releases, and other resources available. If focus was ever spent on an older version, 2.1.5 all the way. =)
  9. the chat channel of the CHAT_TYPE_RACEBOSS_CRY

    Chat packets require a certain packet structure. You can't just send a string. Check zone header dump for the packet structure of the race chat packet. Use the same structure when you are sending your notification. Bad characters in chat = variable buffer overflow / server didn't get all of the expected parameters for the packet.
  10. Buff Timers

    Please review the support guidelines before replying to threads here. Posts that essentially say "use search, stop being lazy" are not allowed. Snippet: "Additionally please do not flame other members for asking questions. Everyone is on a different skill level and we all start somewhere. A lot of people come here to learn. You must be willing to teach at a level the OP can understand if you decide to respond." Not to be rude, but others don't tell you to just "search another site" when you ask for help, so don't do it to others. Common courtesy bro. =)
  11. RF Fedor @ DevCorp

    Likely just for the setup assistance. However I'd never recommend allowing a third party RDP access because they could install whatever they wanted, it would be easy to install a backdoor to access the server later, or configure services to allow remote access without the server owner being aware. I've seen it happen so many times in the past. Use teamviewer or VNC then disable the service when the work is done. People can't really get upset over this if they are willingly providing server access. Thanks for offering some additional insight.
  12. Resource Effect Code

    Thank you for being detailed with the solution. Others looking for similar information will really appreciate that. -thread closed-
  13. RF Fedor @ DevCorp

    Other members have reported to me that the RZR / Rayzer Game CP contains backdoors that allow the author access to your game database, or that malicious damage has been done due to this user having remote DB access to a live RF server. I have not verified these claims but please use RZR / Rayzer Game CP with caution. If the hosting is "managed" and he hosts the GameCP for you, he will require your DB information to set up the remote Game CP and will always have access to your database. I am not trying to bash the author of this Game CP, but I've been approached by multiple different community members with the same information. As always, use caution and back up often. If in doubt, only work with trusted members of the community and vendors who advertise on RF-Dev meeting our community guidelines.
  14. RF Online Episode 1.0.6 Server Files

    I've updated your thread title to the proper file version format. Unfortunately, these aren't new and have been around for a long time. These are dated prior to Giga 3. The files work. You can use RFOnline V6 client.
  15. DELETE PVP POINT AND GOLD from RF_Online.bin

    Please don't tag members for assistance. This is a free community support forum. If someone has the time to assist you, they will. Otherwise please be patient until someone is willing to assist you. Begging for support, double posting, and tagging members for attention is annoying and is frowned upon here. This attitude will just make people not want to help you. You've already been given a hint. If you still need help, be specific on what you need help with. Don't just say "example please", be specific. Additionally please review the Support Guidelines before using this section further.