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  1. Ron

    Editing Title Logo Start Game Windows

    Thanks for sharing a new guide. Copy the image and paste it into the textbox. You can also click chose files... below the textbox.
  2. Ron

    [HELP] RF Manage Tool Level 55

    Thanks for sharing the fix! -thread closed-
  3. Ron

    Zone Error

    Can you share the fix, before I lock the thread?
  4. Thread locked due to a dead link. @RFPvPSyle feel free to PM to update the link and reopen.
  5. Ron

    Help CSP ( Control Server Panel ) Eror

    Locked as resolved.
  6. Ron

    Help CSP ( Control Server Panel ) Eror

    Thread moved to the Support section.
  7. Thread moved to the Support section.
  8. Ron

    [SOLVED] About Event and Quest

    Closing as resolved. Please make a new thread for this.
  9. Ron

    I want to learn!

    Don't give up! The information is buried but there is a lot of useful info out there. One day we will have a proper guide from start to finish. It is still on my to-do list, but I am very busy with work still. Closing this since it is resolved. Feel free to make a new thread with any specific questions. Good luck!
  10. Ron

    RF 2.2.3 Client

    I've moved your thread to the Support section.
  11. Ron


    @Valve has been banned due to being unresponsive on this issue. If you would like to discuss this please reach out to me directly.
  12. Ron


    Good luck. I can't even find reliable moderators and others to drive content, much less people who care to spend time vetting ads. Who is going to do this? We have a few projects that died already because our team went MIA. It will always be an on your own risk issue. The way we help is by not censoring these topics and keeping the information public, and allowing all parties a chance to reply before I take any actions. It is just the only way I can stay neutral.
  13. Ron


    @djphantomx has Valve been in touch to resolve this yet, seeing as how he visited the site recently? How long has it been since he has gone unresponsive? Maybe something happened? Valve Member LAST VISITED 20 hours ago @Valve what's up?
  14. I can definitely make one, one day... Right now I am still busy with work IRL and don't have much free time.
  15. Ron

    New online database of RF Online

    As above. Such a tool has never needed to be public so nothing like this is available... yet. We have such an idea to add utility to another project we are releasing in the future, and this will be open source so you can adapt it easily.
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