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  1. I can definitely make one, one day... Right now I am still busy with work IRL and don't have much free time.
  2. Ron

    New online database of RF Online

    As above. Such a tool has never needed to be public so nothing like this is available... yet. We have such an idea to add utility to another project we are releasing in the future, and this will be open source so you can adapt it easily.
  3. You can use PHP's mail() function (sendmail binary), but you need to have a mailserver configured locally. Most webhosts have this setup by default. These days, the standard is to use something like PHPMailer to send messages over SMTP only, instead of mail() function. You will need to integrate it into the gamecp on your own.
  4. Ron

    RF-Dev Discord Server

    @gdias92 thanks for the heads up! I've updated the link.
  5. Ron

    Rewarding Players through In-Game Mail

    I've moved your thread to the Support section. Guides is for creating tutorials for other members.
  6. Ron

    set see dist 900

    Baked into the code. There is no easy way to adjust this unfortunately. Edit- Someone in the community reached out wanting to contribute, so I've reopened this thread
  7. Ron

    MU Online - Faronnia MU CLASSIC

    Great ad! It's great to see MU alive and well. If I ever find time to play I will be checking out your server. 🙂
  8. Thanks for following up with the fix. I can confirm that the dev launcher does need RU nation codes to work properly. I'll update the post there with a notice at the top to prevent headaches for others. Our team has a proper launcher project on the table but mostly a discussion item with no ETA. Stay tuned for more, and maybe drop by Discord to show your support. 😎 -thread closed-
  9. Ron

    Custom Launcher for Age of Patron

    We aren't touching AoP unless it is publicly released by someone. We'll stick to 2232 until that happens. Edit- Someone in the community reached out wanting to contribute, so I've reopened this thread.
  10. Ron

    Painel ADM by Capiroto

    We have verified reports of this tool being used to exploit servers. A backdoor exists in this tool which allows the author to gain access to your server. You can verify this yourself by using tcpview to monitor connections while running this tool. Anyone using this tool should stop immediately. The download links have been removed and the author has been banned from RF-Dev. This thread will remain here, but closed, so others know the full story.
  11. Ron

    Yorozuya - Open Source Zone Guard []

    It is still planned, just very busy IRL at the moment. We also had a couple other projects come up we are playing with. Something will happen in time.
  12. Ron

    [Request] .pdb AgeOfPatron

    I shared the header file for 1.5a zone years ago. Look around, its out there. I shared it privately then someone leaked it. There should still be a post on RZ. The public will never see 1.5 server files. The files are useless. As Martin said, they are heavily object limited. It is not a matter of just fixing a few things. The entire version is screwed with object limitations and bugs caused as a result. The people who have them are not sharing them because of a few factors. The files were not leaked from Siege RF because everyone involved fully respected each other. One party purchased them after Siege decided to close. A second party stole them through working on the first party's project. Neither party will release them because it would hurt both of them. The community should forget about 1.5 and continue development of 2232. If AoP releases then you should focus on that. 1.5 is a lost cause and it is a disgrace of a RF version. It has a fancy interface... that is it. The rest is absolutely terrible. Whoever designed that update needs to just quit game development. I am locking this thread for a few reasons: It has gotten off topic with 1.5 discussion. AoP zoneserver isn't released, much less the PDB. If you want to see an AoP release, well tough luck. Those who have it aren't sharing it. If AoP releases, you will likely see news here very fast. Until then, there is no point asking or discussing it. If you want to learn more about AoP, try to make your 2232 zone work with an AoP client. That is what everyone else is doing. Thread closed.
  13. You will need to create a second RF_World DB & DSN, such as RF_World2. Then, hex the zone to change port 27780 to something else, such as 27781. Some other edits are required but this will get two zoneservers running on the same machine. This should get you in the right direction, look around for how to change the zoneserver port. I will leave this thread open until a more specific solution is shared, such as exact offsets, required configs, etc. But in general you must change the port so it can bind on its own network without a NetworkInit error.
  14. Ron

    About AoE Mau

    Refer to @Killerwoody's post here: Since there is a clear solution, thread closed.
  15. Ron

    How to make simple registration or Gamecp

    You need to install the mssql_ extension onto the operating system where your webserver is running. Just uncommenting the line won't do it. Check Google for guides applicable to your OS and webserver. If on Windows I recommend WAMP. Note that mssql_ function is only supported in older PHP versions. I am locking this thread since it is not really related to RF. The solution varies widely based on your server environment. There is no easy step by step solution. Use Google and work to install mssql_ extension on your system first, then PHP will be able to access it.
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