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  1. Ron

    System erro e erro character

    Does seem like bad server files / config. If the files in the post above don't help, stay tuned as we are also working on new 2232 files.
  2. Ron

    [Help] RF Online Maps to Blender or 3DS Max

    We can import new maps to RF but we cannot export RF BSP to work in Max. @Agony & @PC_Bro have done all of the work in this area. You can use Map Tool to improve barriers/etc in existing maps but unfortunately we cannot take assets out of a compiled BSP or modify compiled BSP yet. You would be better off learning the workflow for creating new maps from scratch currently. We haven't compiled all of the information for this yet as this is still a new area for everyone (creating new maps). If you are interested in learning the workflow, join our Discord server, and check the #development channel for all posts from Agony, PC_Bro, and myself. You will find a lot of good information still buried in chat that will help you reach this goal.
  3. Refer to the post above for your own solution for now. Additional features are coming to this launcher in the future.
  4. This thread will have some relevant info:
  5. Ron

    AutoUpdate with Launcher

    @learlove thanks for sharing the solution. I'll go ahead and close this. @Makimizu please submit this as a new thread.
  6. We are working on improving these bugs. I will release an updated version when we release our upcoming server files. For now you can obtain the latest source from our gitlab. It has some bugfixes. With the latest code make sure your game client is set to English (en-gb).
  7. We've cleaned your thread. Thank you for updating your post.
  8. Ron

    RF Online Map editing service

    Please provide an exact price for your services as covered in our Community Guidelines. All sale posts require a specific price. https://rf-dev.net/guidelines
  9. Ron

    Cash Ore System by devgordo

    @DevGordo please update your thread to include a price as per our guidelines. If you are selling something you need to include a specific price. https://rf-dev.net/guidelines If your thread does not comply with our guidelines soon we will be forced to remove your post.
  10. Ron

    FG Stuck/Launcher Stuck

    Thanks for following up. We'll leave the post here, but locked, so in case others have the same problem they can find your solution. 🙂
  11. Ron

    RF Map Tool

    That's correct. Map Tool currently requires a system with a dedicated graphics card. Integrated graphics / laptop onboard graphics are not currently supported.
  12. Ron

    RF Editor project *store edit* 2232

    Study how to edit ItemLooting.dat with Structorian and this will help you understand how this tool works.
  13. Ron

    [HELP] Database Error On Launcher

    Use SQL Server Profiler to trace the queries being ran against MSSQL. Check which query is logged when the launcher shows the database error. Depending on what happens from here will tell you what you need to check next. If no query, your launcher is not reaching the server or the server is misconfigured. If there is a DB query, run it manually in Management Studio and see the results.
  14. Ron

    RF Map Tool

    This is a known issue at the moment. We do not have a fix for this yet. You need to run Map Tool on a system with a dedicated graphics card. Same as above. Check your movement mode. WASD should work if you are in Fly mode. Otherwise you must click to move around, similar to if you were ingame. There is just no model for the character. Black page should mean the app is open and ready to use. Are you crashing or getting an error? If not, try using BSP Open to open a map.
  15. Ron

    Client Sound Optimization

    Nope, no performance impact. This just saves you some download time and disk space.
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