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  1. Since this isn't related to the original problem please make a new thread with this question. This helps keeps the Support section organized. I'm closing this thread since your zoneserver problem is resolved. As for the issue, try to use telnet to verify the login server is online. Windows command prompt: telnet 10001 If you're getting a response double check your launcher configurations. You can use netstat to monitor for connections related to RF processes to double check what IP/port it is trying to use. A more user friendly connection monitor tool is called tcpview. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/tcpview If you still need help please open a new support thread. Good luck! =) - Ron
  2. Firewall ports on the host

    Yes 10007 as well using the update emulator & CCR launcher.

    Looks like your link got reported and removed already. I guess someone didn't want you sharing this. =)
  4. Weapon Cast

    Thanks for following up with the solution. =) (locked as resolved)
  5. DB WipeOut Query

    Hey @Balian, This topic was discussed recently. Check the thread below for more information. Let us know if it works or if you're seeing an issue after trying a wipe.
  6. Level 50-55 Quest

    Should just be reverse of enabling them, then it'll work for all new characters. Old characters will need their level limits manually set in the DB if they aren't over 50/55 yet. Easiest way? Revert back to stock files / clean DB (wipe). This is usually only done one way so I'm not sure if anyone has ever actually tested this.
  7. Sorry about that. I moved the downloads off the web server and on to Mega, looks like I forgot to update this thread. Link has been updated now. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Firewall ports on the host

    If you are running just the RF server, open ports 10001 and 27780 only. If you are running a web server and/or the update emulator on the same box, open 80 and 8080. Older RF versions may use 10110 instead of 10001 for login.
  9. Awesome man, glad to hear everything worked out. You should post an ad for your server in the Server Advertisements section when it's all ready. I'll go ahead and close this thread for now since the original question is technically answered. Good luck with the server. =)
  10. Premium Issue

    tbl_rfaccount is the proper player account table for 223 & 2232. The files I posted should have the DBs using tbl_rfaccount. 2232 repack coming in the future to avoid these issues...
  11. Remove Loot Penalty

    Loot penalty is a percentage reduction in the drop rate based on the level difference between you and the monster, both low and high. This is why monsters that are "4 dots" drop a lot more loot, and monsters that are 1 dot or 7 dots (you're way higher or lower leveled) drop much less. Set all rates to 100 to remove this penalty effect and have all monsters drop the same loot regardless of level. This would make the game similar to other games like World of Warcraft and helps make loot tables much easier to adjust and balance.
  12. Remove Loot Penalty

    Welcome to RF-Dev! Try checking zoneserver\RF_Bin\Initialize\MonsterSet.ini. Scroll to the bottom and look for the [DROPRATE] section and adjust as needed. Set all rates to 100 to remove the loot penalty. [DROPRATE] SAME_WITH_MONSTER = 100 BIG_1_MONSTER = 100 BIG_2_MONSTER = 100 BIG_3_MONSTER = 90 BIG_4_MONSTER = 80 BIG_5_MONSTER = 70 BIG_6_MONSTER = 60 BIG_7_MONSTER = 50 BIG_8_MONSTER = 40 BIG_9_MONSTER = 30 BIG_10_MONSTER = 20 SMALL_1_MONSTER = 100 SMALL_2_MONSTER = 90 SMALL_3_MONSTER = 70 SMALL_4_MONSTER = 60 SMALL_5_MONSTER = 50 SMALL_6_MONSTER = 40 SMALL_7_MONSTER = 30 SMALL_8_MONSTER = 20 SMALL_9_MONSTER = 10 SMALL_10_MONSTER = 5
  13. Problem with respawn of PB's

    Turning spawns on/off ingame resets the pitboss spawn timers. Pitbosses do not immediately spawn after using the monset commands.
  14. Inserting Items to database

    nCount is the index count of the item in the DAT file. For example in BootyItem.dat, the first item ID is count 0, the next is count 1, next is 2, etc. You will should see a count field in your structure. This is the index of the item for that data, use this number for nCount in the formula.