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  1. Ron

    Mau movement

    Moved to Support
  2. Be sure to clear the character's record in RF_World.dbo.tbl_NpcData. It is a data cache that will cause an error if it is not cleared after making manual database edits.
  3. Ron

    Pit Bosses regen

    Moved to Support / Solved.
  4. It is in RF.cs line 274. defaultSet.SetValue((byte)0xD4, 53); // Language packet. RU: D0, US: D4
  5. This one may be confusing at first because it is not a normal error from PHP, it is an application level error, or in other words an error unique to the author of the application. Reviewing code would be required to understand what is going on. I downloaded the code for a quick look. This error comes from the core/common.php file. if (!isset($config['security_salt']) || empty($config['security_salt'])) { exit("Cannot run the script without the security_salt set to a value!"); } This application seems to load configuration values from a database table. The connection logic
  6. It is certainly a memory limit issue. Make a PHP script with the following code: <?php phpinfo(); Run it, then check Loaded Configuration Path in the page output. You should see a path to your current php.ini file. The path varies by OS and webserver configuration. Open the php.ini file in Notepad++, search for memory_limit, then increase the raw value there. Save the file and then fully restart your webserver. This should fix it for you. Some webserver configurations do not allow overriding the memory limit within the script. Ignore the information below
  7. Check your account-login\RF_Bin\Initialize\AccountSystem.ini Under the [World] section, look for this: Type0 = 2 Change it to this: Type0 = 0 The error happens when your Type in your AccountSystem.ini for your world settings does not match the ServerType in zoneserver\WorldInfo\WorldInfo.ini. Not sure why it would be wrong for you unless you are using different account server files than what came with the download posted here, but try checking this and it should fix it. If it doesn't fix it, post here your full AccountSystem.ini and WorldInfo.ini files.
  8. 97d, wow... Nice interest in keeping the older versions alive. I cannot play but noticed the version, it is my favorite version with the most MU memories for me. Good luck with your project.
  9. Small but useful change. Thanks for sharing. 👍
  10. Small feature request. Consider adding timestamps into the status box at the bottom. When editing the same file repeatedly, it can be difficult to tell when the file is finished writing. For example:
  11. We've seen it happen over and over again, too. EQG was one of the most recent worse offenders. Judge capitalized on players wanting that old feel again, and he drug both his and his server's name through the dirt trying to make a quick buck. Then he "sold" his server and EQG name to save face, yet he still had control over what files were being used, and all of the donations still went to his personal PayPal. Yet he was "no longer involved"? Right... At a point you can't blame the owners anymore. You have to start blaming the players for falling for this nonsense over and over, and contin
  12. The GM commands were changed in our Game Files, so its understandable for some people to be confused. Unware does not equal lazy. RF is not the easiest game to learn how to develop with so much different information. As a reminder, unhelpful comments like "search" or "use our brain" are not allowed here. If you aren't going to help, simply don't respond. I've deleted your redundant comment. Further comments like that will result in warnings being issued. Thanks for giving a proper solution in your second reply, but it should have been in the first one.
  13. I've unlocked the thread. NiteMare is working on debugging why this is flagging & will update the link when done.
  14. Thanks so much for your support! 👍
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