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  1. RF Community is a new project presented by RF-Dev! This project is a recreation of RF Online. Not just another server, but a full re-development of the game. RF Online is taking a new form, and we are letting the community help drive development. Join today and become a part of RF history! Links to Know Main Website Join Discord Project Announcement Dev Log #1 Game Previews
  2. Ron

    Miracle Scammers aka Ravennvm

    Both sides appear to have been discussed at length, and all information seems to now be available for everyone to see. OP is also no longer responding. I'm going ahead and locking this thread. Good luck to everyone's transactions in the future.
  3. Ron

    Buffme - Addon for Yorozuya

    Not that I am aware. They should be able to download once email is validated. @ChickenKatsu PM me what error you are seeing and I can take a look.
  4. For the moment, no. We may consider this in the future. For now you can use .NET reflector on the RFLauncher in the latest game files to learn about it. We did not pack it so you can reflect it and explore the code base. Currently, you need to modify the RF.cs and then rebuild the launcher in Visual Studio. The IP and Port are within the RF.cs. These were moved to configuration files in the latest launcher within our game files.
  5. I feel this topic is too vague. Please post a new thread with a more specific question if you still need assistance. Be sure to post what you have tried and what isn't working yet.
  6. Ron

    archon bonus and more problems

    This has been fixed in the latest files.
  7. Ron

    spread items from monsters.

    This does require a module and isn't possible on the stock files.
  8. Ron

    [HEKP] Login Closed

    If you are using the game files from our Starter Guide, your database query is using the wrong table. Check the Account Creation section for the query which will work for you.
  9. Ron

    Creating Rental weapon

    Moved to Support.
  10. Ron

    Monster Drop editing

    For this one you are correct. ItemLooting.dat is one of them which do not require any client-side changes. Some other files will also take effect server side without a client edit, such as Skill Durations, but client side tooltips will be inaccurate. Sell prices are another example. Edit server only and you will only see the correct price on client after you sell an item. On our initial game files release we did a lot of syncing of prices to fix that by default.
  11. Ron

    Latest Changes

    Hello, @ax1oo! Welcome! 😎 For the server side, we re-added the MobMessage_str.dat which we took out in the past as an "optimization". We didn't realize at the time this still causes a crash on monster message attempts. We are looking at an updated way to remove it as a future optional modification. That is the only thing changed on server-side. The other fixes were on client side BIN. Updating the RF_Online.bin to a more recent version of the PlayRF client fixed the set effect issues. @Alyx then applied a patch for the client to load the datatable folder as DAT files instead of EDF files. This will save a lot of minutes when editing files, and if all players can use the same EDF > DAT tool to decrypt game files, well its not really encrypted anyway. This also made the game client load slightly faster. The startup hang is slightly reduced on first load. I moved your thread into the general discussion forum for the game files. If you have any other questions about updates feel free to follow up. 👍
  12. Ron


    For now, yes. Find a launcher which supports Premium and it will fix the issue. The problem is within our RF Launcher not accounting for premium mode. This will be fixed in the near future.
  13. Ron

    Archon armors have no set effect

    This is fixed in the latest game files. Thanks to everyone for the reports.
  14. Ron

    ZoneServer Crash - Critical Error

    This is fixed in the latest server files.
  15. Ron

    Elan Pit Bosses Crashing the Server

    This is fixed in the latest server files. Check the changelog for more information.
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