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  1. RF Launcher IP Port Editor

    Use a packing program such as Molebox, Themida, Enigma Protector, etc.
  2. RF GameCP V2

    This is incorrect. Your host's PHP configuration is missing the mssql_ extension. Open a ticket and ask them to enable it. http://php.net/manual/en/mssql.setup.php
  3. Bug Black Screen

    Thread moved to Support. Thanks for sharing the solution.
  4. Clue For create Dialy Quest

    This thread has been moved from Guides to Support. Guides is for posting how-to's, walk-throughs, and other tutorials for other members to reference. Please use the Support section to ask for help. Good luck.
  5. RF Online Game CP for (GU)

    The code may restrict against direct IP access. Try using localhost instead of http://localhost
  6. Stay tuned for more interesting edits...
  7. To add to the conversation here are the statistics for user activity by region for RF-Dev. This map covers the last 30 days for the full month of May so these statistics are fresh and current as of this post. Of course these are statistics for developer interest and not for player interest since this is a website for developers. However developer activity correlates with player activity and this map lines up with the perceptions in this thread. While it's obvious RF has always been more popular in Asian regions is interesting to see the raw data backing up the claims.
  8. How are your models coming along? =)
  9. Disabling Auto Council Spot?

    You're welcome.
  10. Disabling Auto Council Spot?

    When no one signs up for an election the spots are automatically assigned by order of who has the most PVP points. For new servers most people grind slow and complete all the quests so they can build up points for the initial archon spots. Newbies rush to cap and get mad when they're level 55 and Race Leader is given to a level 51 who completed all the quests. =) I don't believe there is any way to disable this since this is built in to the core logic of the game. You would have to bring the server offline and manually wipe the archon table after the weekly reset occurs.
  11. Since this isn't related to the original problem please make a new thread with this question. This helps keeps the Support section organized. I'm closing this thread since your zoneserver problem is resolved. As for the issue, try to use telnet to verify the login server is online. Windows command prompt: telnet 10001 If you're getting a response double check your launcher configurations. You can use netstat to monitor for connections related to RF processes to double check what IP/port it is trying to use. A more user friendly connection monitor tool is called tcpview. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/tcpview If you still need help please open a new support thread. Good luck! =) - Ron
  12. Firewall ports on the host

    Yes 10007 as well using the update emulator & CCR launcher.

    Looks like your link got reported and removed already. I guess someone didn't want you sharing this. =)
  14. Weapon Cast

    Thanks for following up with the solution. =) (locked as resolved)
  15. DB WipeOut Query

    Hey @Balian, This topic was discussed recently. Check the thread below for more information. Let us know if it works or if you're seeing an issue after trying a wipe.