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RF .ASE to BSP map converter 1.1.0

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About This File


This uses .ASE (ASCII SCENE EXPORT) format. 

There are some limitations - high poly counts are not supported.
Maps too large may crash the converter.
Polygons too tightly together may fail on conversion.
It supports multiple separate objects with standard material for each or multi/sub material using material id-s.

Light/shadow export exists if you export lights - however they are mostly ugly and incorrect. Export without lights and use prebaked lightmap (using r3t crypt tools) or simply bake lights and shadows into the main texture.

Before running R3Bsp.exe, run PreScript.
In there you can specify flags to enable animations etc for objects (flag info is in the .pst file that is in the ./map/ folder).

    *Hedra001 -ani 100

The R3Bsp.ini can be used to set various lightmap related conf(if you dare to experiment with it).

To generate the r3t, r3m files, use:



What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog


Some memory crash fixes and error message updates

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