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RF Entity and skybox exporter 1.0.2

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About This File


These exporters use .ASE (ASCII SCENE EXPORT) format. May work with other tools that export as .ASE but not guaranteed if materials are too different or use different names (Standard, Compound etc).
In 3dsmax you can do that under File->Export. Various options there require some experimenting (like animations if animated, lights if it has lights etc)

It does not generate r3m or r3t - but rather raw DDS and mst materials.
For this use:

Skybox exporter expects a light source in the 3d sphere , and the .ASE name must end with sky (Settesky.ase).

Skybox is generally a spherical object with texture on the inside. Google for more info.

It uses nvcompress to convert BMP into DDS. Right now only BMP is supported. Edit .ASE if required (BITMAP field).
If texture file is not found, you can simply include one yourself ( Look at Material% files - "map_name skybox.dds" etc).

There are some untranslated errors and not every fancy model may work - and certainly not look like it does in your 3d tool.
These are advanced tools - be prepared for some development on your end.


What's New in Version 1.0.2   See changelog


Updated to  64 bit, improved error messages, misc cleanup

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