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  1. RF .ASE to BSP map converter

    This uses .ASE (ASCII SCENE EXPORT) format. 

    There are some limitations - high poly counts are not supported.
    Maps too large may crash the converter.
    Polygons too tightly together may fail on conversion.
    It supports multiple separate objects with standard material for each or multi/sub material using material id-s.

    Light/shadow export exists if you export lights - however they are mostly ugly and incorrect. Export without lights and use prebaked lightmap (using r3t crypt tools) or simply bake lights and shadows into the main texture.

    Before running R3Bsp.exe, run PreScript.
    In there you can specify flags to enable animations etc for objects (flag info is in the .pst file that is in the ./map/ folder).
    [GeoObjectBegin] *Box002 *Hedra001 -ani 100 [GeoObjectEnd]  
    The R3Bsp.ini can be used to set various lightmap related conf(if you dare to experiment with it).

    To generate the r3t, r3m files, use:




  2. RF Camera exporter

    Uses .ASE as input (requires Scene, Camera and Helpers in export).

    No guide as for how to use or implement for ingame use at this point.




  3. RF Entity and skybox exporter

    These exporters use .ASE (ASCII SCENE EXPORT) format. May work with other tools that export as .ASE but not guaranteed if materials are too different or use different names (Standard, Compound etc).
    In 3dsmax you can do that under File->Export. Various options there require some experimenting (like animations if animated, lights if it has lights etc)
    It does not generate r3m or r3t - but rather raw DDS and mst materials.
    For this use:
    Skybox exporter expects a light source in the 3d sphere , and the .ASE name must end with sky (Settesky.ase).
    Skybox is generally a spherical object with texture on the inside. Google for more info.
    It uses nvcompress to convert BMP into DDS. Right now only BMP is supported. Edit .ASE if required (BITMAP field).
    If texture file is not found, you can simply include one yourself ( Look at Material% files - "map_name skybox.dds" etc).

    There are some untranslated errors and not every fancy model may work - and certainly not look like it does in your 3d tool.
    These are advanced tools - be prepared for some development on your end.




  4. Entity .mst converter for r3t/r3m

    This tool is used to convert the mst files entity/skybox tool generates int o .r3m, .r3t and .r3x files RF uses.

    All you need to do is place it in the folder where MainMaterial.mst and the .r3e is and run it.





  5. 223 GAMECP source (custom, feature rich)

    This is the one i used on bot of my servers (RF Battlefront) - some of you may have used it.

    It is built for 223 - so you need to upgrade it's queries etc to work with 2232.
    It uses parameterised queries, so no injections.

    It was developed on PHP 5.6.
    Requires php_sqlsrv php module - and you likely may need to install SQL driver on windows.
    All the sql queries are included - also the BILLING db backup used with the gamecp on 223.

    The conf file is in the conf folder (superadmin user, db names, login info).

    I do not have full 223 db setup at this point to make any more screenshots.

    However some of the features you can roughly see on the screenshot of the modules folder.
    It has a ticket system, dual currency dual cash shop (like normal and guild cash shop) with a checkout basket. Various search and edit features, premium service support (db must support it),  logs etc.

    PS!!! This is  not a "guide" or a beginner friendly release - it requires some skills to get it properly running - i will not be fixing any bugs or adding any features to this.

    This was originally based off some aaron gamecp leak (few pieces still remain), built by me and GMoney - i have since further developed it  with a number of extra features as i used it for my servers.

    More screenshots: 




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    • Hi. Is there a simple tutorial for this tool?   like as simple on how to edit wall on map like that 
    • Great thanks, I will check it as soon as i can get back to PC. Will send you my feedback right after.
    • Heres a STR that goes with structorian to check what fields the hash changes are at [filemask="*.ebp"] struct master { u32 sections; i32 offset_Vertice; //CFVertex i32 size_Vertice; i32 offset_COL_LINE; // CFLine i32 size_COL_LINE; u32 offset_CFLineID; //CFLineID u32 size_CFLineID; // u32 offset_CFLeaf; //empty in elven //CFLeaf u32 size_CFLeaf; //empty in elven u32 offset_EntityList; //EntityList u32 size_EntityList; u32 offset_EntityID; //EntityID u32 size_EntityID; u32 offset_LeafEntityL
    • It seems that path has not changed. I can even not edit the file.Just open bsp in RF Map tool, and just save the ebp, and the music disappears. And yeah, i dont know if this is important, but hash changes after editing.
    • Yep check the ebp
    • Hmmm...should i check the ebp file with Hex editor then? Because i save only ebp.
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