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  1. R3T-Tools

    Tools for unpacking / packing R3T files.
    (c) Burrfoot


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  2. 223 GAMECP source (custom, feature rich)

    This is the one i used on bot of my servers (RF Battlefront) - some of you may have used it.

    It is built for 223 - so you need to upgrade it's queries etc to work with 2232.
    It uses parameterised queries, so no injections.

    It was developed on PHP 5.6.
    Requires php_sqlsrv php module - and you likely may need to install SQL driver on windows.
    All the sql queries are included - also the BILLING db backup used with the gamecp on 223.

    The conf file is in the conf folder (superadmin user, db names, login info).

    I do not have full 223 db setup at this point to make any more screenshots.

    However some of the features you can roughly see on the screenshot of the modules folder.
    It has a ticket system, dual currency dual cash shop (like normal and guild cash shop) with a checkout basket. Various search and edit features, premium service support (db must support it),  logs etc.

    PS!!! This is  not a "guide" or a beginner friendly release - it requires some skills to get it properly running - i will not be fixing any bugs or adding any features to this.

    This was originally based off some aaron gamecp leak (few pieces still remain), built by me and GMoney - i have since further developed it  with a number of extra features as i used it for my servers.

    More screenshots: 




  3. ApacheFriends XAMPP version 5.6.19++

    ###### ApacheFriends XAMPP version 5.6.19++ ######
      + Apache 2.4.17
      + MariaDB 10.1.10
      + PHP 5.6.19++ (VC11 X86 32bit thread safe) + PEAR
      + phpMyAdmin
      + OpenSSL 1.0.2d
      + ADOdb 518a
      + Mercury Mail Transport System v4.63 (not included in the portable version)
      + FileZilla FTP Server 0.9.41 (not included in the portable version)
      + Webalizer 2.23-04 (not included in the portable version) 
      + Strawberry Perl Portable
      + Tomcat 7.0.56
      + XAMPP mailToDisk 1.0 (write emails via PHP on local disk in <xampp>\mailoutput. Activated in the php.ini as mail default.)
      + XAMPP Control Panel Version 3.2.3 by Dao Van Trong - Trong.CF 
      + Microsoft SQL Server Driver 3.2 - SQLSRV & PDO_SQLSRV
      + ionCube Loader 5.0.23
      + FreeTDS 0.95 - MSSQL Driver
      + Nginx 1.9.12
      + Memcached Service 1.4.5
      + Added the Ports: 8080 and 10007
    * System Requirements:
      + 512 MB RAM (RECOMMENDED)
      +   1 GB free fixed disk 
      + Windows 2003, XP (RECOMMENDED), VISTA, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016
      + Important! Please ensure that the VC++ 2005,2008,2010,2012,2013,2015 runtime libraries are installed on your system.    
    [NOTE: Unpack the package to your USB stick or a partition of your choice.
    There it must be on the highest level like E:\ or W:\. It will 
    build E:\zWebsrv or W:\zWebsrv or something like this. 
    Please do not use the "Setup_XAMPP.bat" for an USB stick installation!]   
    Step 1: Unpack the package into a directory of your choice. 
    Please start the "Setup_XAMPP.bat" and beginning the installation. 
    Note: XAMPP makes no entries in the windows registry and no settings for the system variables.
    Step 2: If installation ends successfully, 
    use the fine XAMPP Control Panel with double-click on "XAMPP-Control.exe"!  -> Click Start
    Step 3: Start your browser and type or http://localhost in the location bar. 
    You should see our pre-made start page with certain examples and test screens.
    Step 4: PHP (with mod_php, as *.php, *.php3, *.php4, *.php5, *.phtml), 
    Perl by default with *.cgi, SSI with *.shtml are all located in => C:\zWebsrv\htdocs\.
    - C:\zWebsrv\htdocs\test.php => http://localhost/test.php
    - C:\zWebsrv\htdocs\myhome\test.php => http://localhost/myhome/test.php
    * XAMPP UNINSTALL? Simply remove the "xampp" Directory.
    But before please shutdown the apache and mysql.
    1) MySQL:
       User: root
       Password: PASSWORD
    2) FileZilla FTP:
       Admin Password: PASSWORD
       [ You have to create a new user on the FileZilla Interface ] 
    3) Mercury: 
       Postmaster: postmaster ([email protected])
       Administrator: Admin ([email protected])
       TestUser: newuser  
       Password: PASSWORD
    4) WEBDAV:
       User: newuser
       Password: PASSWORD 
       Attention: WEBDAV is not active since XAMPP Version 1.7.4.
       For activation please comment out the httpd-dav.conf and
       following modules in the httpd.conf
       LoadModule dav_module modules/mod_dav.so
       LoadModule dav_fs_module modules/mod_dav_fs.so  
       Please do not forget ro refresh the WEBDAV authentification (users and passwords). 
    () MySQL starts with standard values for the user id and the password. 
    The preset user id is "root", the password is PASSWORD  [ if "" (= no password). ]
    To access MySQL via PHP with the preset values, you'll have to use the following syntax:
        mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "PASSWORD");
    If you want to set a password for MySQL access, please use of MySQL Admin.
    To set the passwort "secret" for the user "root", type the following:
        C:\zWebsrv\mysql\bin\mysqladmin.exe -u root -p secret
    After changing the password you'll have to reconfigure phpMyAdmin to use the new password, otherwise it won't be able to access the databases. To do that, open the file config.inc.php in \zWebsrv\phpmyadmin\ and edit the following lines:
        $cfg['Servers'][$i]['user']            = 'root';   // MySQL User
        $cfg['Servers'][$i]['auth_type']       = 'http';   // HTTP authentification
    So first the 'root' password is queried by the MySQL server, before phpMyAdmin may access.
            Have a lot of fun! | Viel Spaß! | Bonne Chance!
    ---------------===PASSWORD: RF-DEV.NET ===----------------




  4. RF Auto Update Maker

    Generator for Update Maker
    (C) 2007 NiTr0




  5. QuestNPCEvent.strs (for all of QuestEvent*.dat at server script)

    Since other cant find any proper strs for QuestNPCEvent.dat, now i decide to create and share it here.
    Can be used for:
    QuestDummyEvent.dat QuestGainItemEvent.dat QuestGradeEvent.dat QuestKillOtherRaceEvent.dat QuestLvLimitEvent.dat QuestLvUpEvent.dat QuestMasteryEvent.dat QuestNPCEvent.dat QuestPromoteEvent.dat Please give feedback for this strs.




  6. WebServer UwAmp

    Without installation
    UwAmp is available as a Zip archive, just unpack it and you can run the wamp server.

    Easy interface
    UwAmp is provided with a management interface that lets you start or stop the server with one click.

    Multi PHP Version
    Change PHP version in one click and download new PHP version directly from php.net repository.

    CPU Monitoring
    Real time Apache and MySQL process CPU monitoring.

    U3 Mode
    Can be run from a USB stick.




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