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Official RF-Dev software releases.

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  1. Game Files

    Server & Client Game Files
    Game files required for setting up a RF Online server for local development. Includes both server and client files. Click the Download button to see the file selection.
    The original game files have been improved and optimized by our team, ensuring a clean, synced server setup as a development base. Numerous bugs have also been fixed in this release.
    We are releasing these files along with the RF-Dev Wiki to streamline the, setup, configuration, and modification of RF Online. Future updates and fixes will be released based on community feedback. All updates will stay true to the original feel of the game.
    Starter Guide 
    Game Version
    Our game files do not have a specific version. We are setting up a new development experience, and in order to do this, we must step away from the traditional versioning.
    Moving forward, these files will be referred to as the latest game version. When we address support topics, we will assume you are using our latest files. If you are using other files we will not be able to assist you. All downloads will have a revision number included in the README.
    To be technical, the game files are based on RF Online The files have been improved and optimized by our team, and updates will be pushed periodically and consistently. The download buttons on our website will always give you the latest files, and you can track your current "version" based on your current build number.
    Change Log 
    System Requirements
    Server Hardware CPU: 2 core high clock (3.0ghz+) RAM: 8gb RAM+ Server Software Operating System: Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 7 ~ 10+ Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 7zip Client Hardware CPU: Pentium 3-4 or higher RAM: 1GB or higher GPU: NVidia Geforce FX Series, ATI Radeon 9500 or higher Client Software Operating System: Pentium 3-4 or higher Graphics: DirectX 9.0c or higher



  2. RF Map Tool

    RF Map Tool by RF-Dev
    Map Tool allows you to edit maps for RF Online. The original code has been fixed and improved by our team.
    Collision Editor
      Dummy Editor
      Entity Editor
      Particle Editor
      Sound Editor
      Compatible with all RF BSP versions
      Import / Export entities between maps with .mel files generated by Map Tool.  

    About Map Tool
    Map Tool is built from the source code that has been around for some time. Extensive time has been spent repairing the original source, debugging various issues, and implementing our own code fixes and improvements. We are now happy enough with the current state of Map Tool to justify a public release.
    Various map editing features are available. The collision editor allows you to adjust barriers that prevent players from accessing certain locations. The dummy editor is for adding and adjusting monster spawn locations. The Dummy Editor can also modify NPC, portal, and mining locations.
    The Entity Editor enables customization of objects within maps. This allows you to move trees and other entities around, adjust their view range limits, and modify entity size through the scaling option. Map entities can be exported as .mel files to import into other maps. Sounds across maps can also be adjusted and are played in real-time within the editor.
    We are releasing Map Tool so the community can assist with testing, documentation, and expanding features over time. We will release occasional updates as we receive feedback from the community.
    Startup Guide
    Copy all files to your client folder (same folder as RF_Online.bin)
      Run RFMapTool.exe  
    Note: Unpack the client RPK files for later RF versions.
    R3Engine.ini Settings
    [RenderState] RenderBits=32 //RF-Dev Map Tool has resolution improvements. This value works best for proper display of particles. [RFDevMapTool] PopupErrors=false // Change to 'true' to enable pop-up error dialoags.  
    Monster / NPC / Portal / Mining Location Editing
    Load the map you want to adjust.
      Go to File > Dummy Open, then open the server side SPT file for this map.
      Click the Dummy Icon on the right sidebar to open the Dummy Editor. The Dummy Icon looks like a 2D Plane.

    Known Issues
    Newer maps such as OC may have problems loading textures.
      Packed RPK is currently not supported. Extract the RPK's to your client folder to work with entities. Packed RPK support will be added in a future version.
      If the options sidebar has overlap and formatting issues, try to enable High DPI Scaling Override. To do this, right click RFMapTool.exe, select Properties, select the Compatibility tab, click the Change high DPI settings button, enable the checkbox for High DPI scaling override, and set the drop-down to System. Save your changes and try Map Tool again.
      BM, OC, and some 1.5 maps with similar logic are not loading ground textures.
      Editor positioning on BM is off. You must fly straight down around -Y500 to reach the map.  
    Common Errors

    MapTool does not currently work on systems running integrated graphics (no dedicated graphics card)

    If your system has a dedicated graphics card, make sure integrated graphics is disabled.  
    Collision Vulnerability - Hacking Potential with Map Tool
    Map Tool can modify barriers in any map. This allows you to create your own barriers and block locations you don't want players accessing. This also allows you to remove all barriers and access locations players shouldn't normally be able to.
    Some versions of RF do not have proper server-side collision checking. It has already been possible to utilize hack tools to move through barriers. With Map Tool, players can more easily bypass barriers in maps simply by modifying client-side map files directly.
    We decided to not filter the tool and release including all features available in the original source. You should keep this vulnerability in mind if you are running a public server.
    This release is proudly presented by the RF-Dev Team.
    @Agony - Developer
    @PC_Bro - Developer
    @Ron - Developer
    @leethobbit - QA Testing



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