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    • Thanks for the suggestion! I think this is a great idea. I've opened an internal issue for us to work on this. #90 - MapTool: BSP Name in Title Bar
    • The source we have is compiled on windows 8.1 SDK so windows 7 is not going to work. You can try right click and use comparability mode in properties.
    • Suggestion, please add map file name while it opened. example lbyrinth.BSP opened, the title changed to "RF Map Tool - lbyrinth.BSP [RF -Dev : https://rf-dev.net]"
    • Strange. Can you provide a screenshot? Also, run a 64bit dxdiag, copy your results to pastebin, and share the link with me in a PM. This will give us other useful information. https://help.ea.com/en-us/help/pc/how-to-gather-dxdiag-information/
    • There are no error log files, only the box that prompts the program error.
    • No error messages display? Also check rfdev_error.txt for any logged errors.
    • can not run in win7 x64,   R3 fils is config right.