2008 - 2021

Final Announcement

RF-Dev was orignally created in 2008 under RF-Dev.com to serve as an open reference for all aspects related to development of RF Online. We eventually evolved into a forum community with the goal to extend the life of our favorite game through positive community interaction. We succeeded and quickly became the primary resource to learn how to build and deploy your own RF Online environment. We also expanded the reach of members offering paid services, allowing various members to grow and sustain their own business models utilizing our community reach.

Unfortunately as life goes on, things change. We grow old and make mistakes. Some of those mistakes are fixable... others are not.

As of today, I am retiring from the RF community. The RF-Dev website is now closed. I am also ceasing my online presence. After the end of this month, November 2021, I will no longer be reachable.

After a team discussion, we could not create a plan to maintain the RF-Dev services as they previously existed due to lack of internal funding and system management expertise without me present. A decision was made to close the website but to keep the Discord community open.
Click here to join the RF-Dev Discord.

Ownership of our source code and projects have been passed on to Scott and Alyx. RF-Dev Discord server ownership has been passed to Scott. Ownership of our domains have been passed to Alyx. PlayRF Discord server ownership has also been passed to Alyx including the PlayRF domains. RF-Dev.com has been transferred to Alyx. I will retain control over RF-Dev.net until financial accounts linked its email addresses are fully closed or updated, after which time the .NET domain ownership will also be passed to Alyx. The original servers hosting RF-Dev and PlayRF are shutting down. Whether the site continues on in a new form or not is now up to Scott and Alyx.

I understand the news is sudden and unexpected. This falls fully on me. Please do not fault the team as this was entirely outside of their control.

Thank you for your support over the years. It means more than you know.


- Ron